Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?
Just a cage of rib bones and other various parts.
So it's fairly simple to cut right through the mess,
And to stop the muscle that makes us confess.

And we are so fragile,
And our cracking bones make noise,
And we are just,
Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys."
-Breakable, Ingrid Michaelson

I was listening to this song today and noticed how much truth there is in the lyrics. We are just breakable boys and girls. It's so easy for something to throw us off course and to bring us down. There is always somebody I know that is hurting inside. Sometimes that person is me, other times it's not.

But lately, it's been me.

I've been down a lot recently. School has been so incredibly stressful and I'm not the best at time management or, you know, homework and school in general. Life is complicated nowadays (well, as complicated as it can get for a seventeen year old college student).

I'm having a hard time balancing my academic and social life, which has really been the major stressor lately. I miss home. I miss seeing my friends all the time, especially my best friend. I miss my bed, my mom, my dad. The boy I like has a girlfriend. My spiritual life is a bit bumpy right now. I just don't feel healthy, physically or mentally.

So I've been having bad days, multiple times a week. It seems as if my friends and I switch off. Someone is having a bad day, everyday. It's a bit exhausting, but it's made me realize...we are fragile. Which is why I've been so grateful for my friends lately. We need to be there for each other on the bad days. Friends help get us through.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I've realized how important it is to be there for my friends. Because we are fragile. We need people to talk to and we need people to tell us that it's going to be okay.

We stick together when times are tough.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

I'm a big girl. I've been waking myself up for school for years.

Which is why I got so mad when I woke up to Sierra's face this morning.

First of all, she opened the blanket of my fort. Did I mention that my bottom bunk has been made into a fort? Yeah, I know. I'm cool.

Anyways, she peeked her head in. I sensed someone near me. As my eyes opened I flinched, realizing that my personal space had been seriously invaded.

"You're class starts in nineteen minutes." She said in a motherly voice.

NEWSFLASH. You aren't my mom. You aren't my friend. Get the frick out of my fort!

That isn't what I said. Although, it's definitely what I wanted to say. Instead, I glared at her (I couldn't help it, I was half way asleep) and turned to face the wall. "No it doesn't." I mumbled.

Then she had the audacity to argue with me. "Yes, it does."

I glanced back at her. "No, it doesn't. It was cancelled."

"Oh. Really?"

I groaned and attempted to go back to sleep, but it was too late. I was awake.

Freaking roommate.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Night.

It's Saturday night. 10:43 P.M.

Darla has gone home for the weekend. So it's just me and...Sierra.

I'm coming home from seeing The Social Network. (Great movie in case you were wondering.)

I assume my roommate won't be in the dorm at all this evening. After all, it's Saturday night. Last I checked she was wearing faerie wings and using my mixing bowl (ahhhh!!!) to make Jello (I assume Jello shots were involved) with her friends.

So I open the door of my dorm. Yes! The lights are off. Nobody's home.


I look over and see a huge lump in her bed. Gah!

The funny thing about this is that just the other night she made fun of me relentlessly for going to sleep at 10:30 P.M...and that was on a school night.

It's Saturday night, people. She's asleep! What's wrong with this picture?!