Friday, September 24, 2010

The Roommates.

I didn’t know how dramatic and stressful college life would be. Hence the reason I’m starting this blog in the midst of my fifth week of school, but let me fill you in on what happened in the beginning…

In mid may of last year I discovered what seemed like the greatest invention ever made, Uroomsurf, for those that are unaware it’s basically eharmony for roommates. I quickly signed up after making my decision about what school I’d attend.

Not long after I found a roommate. Long story, short. We had a great virtual relationship. In person…not so much.

Here are my problems with roommate numero uno, Sierra:

1. Her crap is everywhere!!!! And she calls ME the messy roommate. Gahhh!!!

2. Her alarm goes off at 6:05 A.M….when she doesn’t have a class until 10 A.M..She gets up, makes a lot of noise for an hour and then goes back to sleep. This confuses me…and pisses me off.

3. She hung a poster IN MY CORNER.. What the frick, man?! That’s not cool.

4. She leaves her trash and crap in my car.

5. She never pays me back for anything…I owe her five dollars and she won’t shut up about it.

6. She asks me to drive her everywhere and doesn’t offer to pay for gas…Sorry Charlie, I won’t be driving you anywhere anytime soon…

7. She swears like a sailor.

8. She acts superior to EVERYBODY.

9. She has a fake southern accent…

10. She leaves her coffee maker on my desk…next to my laptop. Why?

11. She invites her friends over without bothering to inform either me or our other roommate that they are coming.

12. She hangs up obnoxious and offensive posters in the middle of the room.

13. She’s always laughing loudly at something on her computer…no one cares. I’m trying to study.

14. She plays her music out loud. I don’t want to hear her crappy playlists!

15. She has an attitude.

I could go on…but I won’t…more roommate stories to come in the future.

Problems with roommate number two, from here on, known as, Darla.

1. Nothing at all. She’s great :)

It seems to me that roommate number one should move outta here! Oh…how I miss having my own room…

*names have been changed…duhhhh.


  1. Sorry to hear about your horrible roommate - it sounds like a real nightmare. She must be incredibly selfish. My brother is like this and I have to live with him so I can understand how stressful this can be. Try not to let her drive you crazy.

  2. Thanks! Doing my best...but she makes it hard.