Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Minus Five Points.

Visual Storytelling. It's the class I loathe sitting through, twice a week for one hour and fifteen minutes. It wouldn't be that bad if my teacher didn't love me so much...or maybe he hates me. I have a hard time distinguishing which is the true answer.

In order for you to fully understand my relationship with this professor, let's go back to the very first class session.

I walk in and sit in the front row. Why? Because I'm trying to make myself uncomfortable. I'm not going to be the sky kid that sits in the back of the class anymore. That's not me. I hate sitting in the back.

The teacher asks everyone to introduce themselves. We have to start with one of the four corners. I'm one of them. No one raises their hand. So, not aware of what I was getting myself into, I stupidly put my arm up in the air.

"Ok, you. What's your name? Where are you from? What's your major?"

I quickly spout off the answers to these questions. "My name is Tory. I'm from Southern California. I'm a Film Studies major." Okay. That was easy enough, right? Wrong. The interrogation, as I like to call it, continues for the next TEN MINUTES.

"Name your top three favorite directors." He demands. I pause.

Sure, I like movies. Why else would I be a Film Studies major? But I never claimed to be a film buff. I don't have three favorite directors. One? Sure. John Hughes.
"What's your favorite John Hughes film?"
"Pretty in Pink."
"Do you think you would've ended up with Duckie?"
"Probably... I like Duckie."
"Wow...that says a lot about you."
Greeeatttt...That's not enough for him. "Give me another one." he says. So I say the first thing that comes to mind. "Hitchcock."
"What's your favorite Hitchcock movie?"
"The Birds."
He laughs...and laughs..and laughs. "You are killing me." he says.
"What's wrong with The Birds?" I ask.
"'s just an interesting choice." He laughs again. (I like The Birds. Don't judge.)
I'm not exactly sure what else went on during our first encounter. I've managed to block most of it out my memory. And it just gets worse and worse with each and every class...

So basically....

This is why I think my teacher likes me and/or does not like me:

1) I volunteered to introduce myself first in class.
2) He never has to look up to see if I'm in class when he calls attendance. All he says is..."Double T, I see you." Yes, he has a nickname for me.
3) He ALWAYS calls on me when no one has a hand up...or sometimes even if they do.
4) He ALWAYS puts me on the spot when I try to answer a question or give my opinion after he's called on me.
"Double T, what did you think of this film?"
"I really liked the flashback scene."
"Well, what did you like about it?"
"I liked the way it was edited. I thought it was very effective and added to the story."
"What about the way it was edited made you like it?"
"I don't know."
"Yeah you do."
"I really don't."
"Okay. Minus five points."
Are you freaking kidding me? I understand he's trying to get more from me and make me uncomfortable, but I don't know what else to say! What really bugs me about it, is that he never does it to anybody else. Only me. How is that fair? I just don't understand, but I guess we will see.

That's all for now. Bye folks.

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  1. He really shouldn't be challenging only you like that. That would definitely cause me alot of anxiety. The Birds is a good film and I like Duckie too. Hopefully he'll move on to someone else soon.