Saturday, September 25, 2010

Things Are Looking Up ;)

<---That's me during my breakdown last week. :)
Why my life sucks right now:

1) I'm having serious issues with my major right now. I absolutely hate it. I literally just want to crawl in a corner and die every time I have to go to Visual Storytelling...and I really just don't enjoy my Film Aesthetics class. What am I supposed to do with my life?! I thought I had it figured out, but apparently I don't.

2) My professor is out to get me and I don't like that :/

3) I've had a baby headache for a week now.

4) I'm living off of pizza, Powerbars, bananas and In N Out.

5) I feel like I'm failing at everything!!!

6) roommate drives me insane...

7) Oh yeah and California weather freaking sucks right now.

Why things are looking up:

1) My roommate works three whole days a week! :) WOOO!

2) I'm finally (for the most part) caught up on my reading!

3) I made some new friends :)

4) I'm SO CLOSE to being done with my video assignment for my Visual Storytelling class.

5) I got an A- on my first college paper! :) Sayyyyy whaaaaa??? Yeah, I know. It's crazy.

6) Church was amazing on Sunday :)

7) Had a nice little chat with my best friend when she came to visit me the other day :) Cheered me right up.

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  1. I'm glad that you've been getting a break from your roommate and that other positive things are happening in your life so that those negatives aren't dragging you down. Try not to be so hard on yourself.